Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I do love to knit. I was taught by a Japanese friend about ten years ago but I didn't do much with my knitting for a lot of years. My knitting endeavors are encouraged by...

-my mom who is still working on a knitted afgan started years ago and who gave me my first Manos Del Uraguay yarn before I even learned to knit. She also gave me my grandmother's knitting bag, Christmas before last, with several balls of yarn leftover from baby projects my grandmother had made, as well as her handwritten baby jacket pattern.

-a friend here in NC who is a wonderful knitter, who knows lots more than I do, and who is an encourager who has helped elevate my knitting to a new plateau.

-another creative friend who helped me learn to felt, thus expanding my knitting in new directions. This year for Christmas, I made a felted hat, a felted bag, and several felted mats and potholders. It was fun, fun, fun!

I received several beautiful knitting books for Christmas. They are inspiring me to branch out and learn some new techniques, play with color more, and try some different yarns.

This first book is "eye candy" - full of color and wonderful designs. I have referred to Kristin's blog, Getting Stitched on the Farm in the past and am very happy to own an autographed copy of her new book (thanks, sweetheart!).

This next book has some wonderful scarves. I want to try some new designs and these patterns are quite inspiring. One goal this year - learn to do cables.

Finally, I loooove this book! Very lovely wraps, shawls, ponchos, capelets and more. Can't wait to try some of these when I finish my current project.

And here is the current project. It's a simple feather and fan rectangular shawl knitted with 100% linen yarn. The yarn feels a bit stiff to the touch now but will soften and drape beautifully with repeated washings. While knitting this, I think of Karen Blixen in Out of Africa, the Bennett girls in Pride and Prejudice, and the two sisters in Babbette's Feast. Why, pray tell? Because they all wore lovely shawls and I think this one will be just like something they would throw over their shoulders.

(There you have it, Tonia...who asked what knitting project I had going on!)

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tonia said...

oh good heavens...that yarn is scrumptious! love it. thanks for sharing. :)