Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"If it walks like a duck...

and quacks like a duck...it's a duck."

That's what Dr. Jack said yesterday after examining the mysterious rash covering Andrew's torso, face, head, and hands. He should have said chicken...if it looks like a chicken...pox, that is, it is chicken pox. Yes, Andrew, poor Andrew, has the chicken pox. And to add insult to injury, he also has strep throat. I can hear your collective moans of sympathy. Thank you.

Andrew and I traveled to Covenant College for scholarship weekend this past Thursday through Sunday. Fortunately, he didn't get sick til after all the scholarship interviews and activities were done. I'm thankful for God's timing in that! On Saturday afternoon he had a very sore throat and then Sunday morning, he broke out in bumps all over his torso. Cepacol lozenges only helped temporarily and Benadryl didn't do a thing. We drove home Sunday afternoon and a rather miserable Andrew slept most of the six hour trip. When he awoke Monday morning feeling worse, with the rash spreading, I called the doc.

I was pretty shocked when Dr. Jack diagnosed chicken pox since the kids have been vaccinated. Somehow, when they were young, no one ever got the chicken pox. Then as they got older we did the responsible thing and had them vaccinated. Turns out they now say that one dose of the varicella vaccine, which is what they were giving when my kids got the shot, isn't enough to give you immunity. And two probably really isn't either. The only way to really be immune is to get the chicken pox. Then your body really knows how to recognize the virus and fight it. Sooo, any of you with little kids want to come over and expose them so you can go ahead and get it over with? Just kidding. You don't want to be around Andrew now because you might get strep too!

We would certainly appreciate your prayers for our young man. He'll be laying low this week, hoping to recover by Friday when he is supposed to fly to New York to visit Rob and then on to Gordon to visit Jonathan and do an admissions visit there. He is on meds for both chicken pox and strep and I'm off to the grocery store this morning to get ingredients to make healthy comfort food.

And by the way, the scholarship interviews went very well. Andrew enjoyed the whole process. I think it's pretty great the way Covenant turns what could be a very stressful situation into an enjoyable learning experience and a fun time to meet a lot of interesting people. We will hear about the scholarship by early February.

Meanwhile, it's oatmeal baths and Aveeno lotion! And prayers that Matthew and Joel don't start quacking like ducks, um...breaking out, I mean.


Anonymous said...

That is VERY interesting Beth as we were just talking about how we probably need to get the older kids vaccinated because they had not caught it yet. I wish we could come on over and expose the kids and just get it all over with. It would make me feel better for them to have it now rather than catch it as an adult. I was older when I came down with chicken pox and my case was much more severe than most people who are younger when they catch it. Sometimes I wish they had never started this vaccination!

Hoping Andrews experience isn't too bad and that it clears up quickly for him.
~Jen Unsell

Kelly said...

I think I can fairly say I'll be steering clear of Cabarrus County for the next week.

Feel better soon, Andrew!