Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Farm life fix

It's true. I am a farm girl wanna-be. That is why when I hear the cows lowing in the field behind the woods, I get happy. That is why when I have dirt under my fingernails and overalls on, I am comfortable. That is why, since I don't live on a farm, I like to read about and look at pictures of things agricultural. That is why today I particularly enjoyed these two items online:

Sunday lambing by Kristin Nicholas, which has wonderful pictures of the birth of a lamb on her sheep farm not far from where we used to live in Massachusetts.

And this video, which is my dear daughter riding Apollo, a gorgeous Percheron/Thoroughbred cross that she and her husband, Luke, helped to train. Apollo is now for sale but he'll go fast. Scroll down this page to the first horse on the Sales list to read more about Apollo.

That's the farm life fix for today. Tomorrow I'm putting on my overalls and planting seeds in the garden! In January???!!!! Yep. Gotta love North Carolina!


Rob said...

yaye sowing seeds is always blessed ;-)

Julie said...

What are you planting?

Beth said...

I only planted a short row of mixed greens so we'll see how they do. My terrace is pretty full already with collards, swiss chard, and broccoli that went in back in the fall. They are growing very slowly now and it doesn't help that I keep forgetting to water them. We are still in a drought - though the last couple of days have been nice for the plants! I'm going to plant some radishes and perhaps some lettuce and just see what happens. My terrace is the sunniest, warmest spot in the whole yard so hopefully I'll get some winter or at least very early spring veggies! I also want to try and plant sweet peas (flowers) and sugar snaps earlier this year...but not yet. Do you have anything in your garden bed right now?