Friday, December 21, 2007

Made by little hands, now grown big

This sweet little nativity set sits on my kitchen windowsill. Erin made it years ago, her little hands gluing fabric and twisting pipe cleaners on bare wood clothespin dolls to fashion Mary, Joseph, wise men and shepherds. It means a lot to me this year, this simple set made by little hands now grown big. My daughter, once a beautiful determined little girl, is now a beautiful strong woman and wife.

Erin and Luke will not be with us this Christmas. They are celebrating in their rural New York home. I can almost smell the fresh-cut tree and homemade cookies. Tonight, a cheese ball, made from a recipe my mom always used, will show up at their barn Christmas party. And on Christmas day, sweet potato casserole and angel bars will grace the table they share with dear friends. Home traditions, especially celebration foods, travel across the miles and into the next generation.

We will miss our dear ones like crazy, but how very thankful I am for a daughter and son-in-law who have established themselves in a church and community. Erin will sing duets in church on Christmas Eve. Coila Church, a place of blessing for our children, will be blessed that night. I am happy to share this daughter, a gift of God to me, with others this year. Merry Christmas, Coila, Higher Ground, and all of you who have embraced Erin and Luke in your hearts this last year and a half. Hug 'em long and tight for me!

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