Monday, December 24, 2007

Gifts in abundance

31. Caroling and seeing the smiles on faces of people who haven't heard real live Christmas carolers for years.

32. A new BEST cookie of the year - Brown sugar sandwich cookies - YUM!

33. Knitting gifts and the joy of giving them.

34. Being drawn back again and again when I get distracted and wander into sweet morning communion by my faithful God.

35. My dear oldest friend, Teresa, and the joy of instant connection and deep conversation and long running love.

36. Boys home.

37. Receiving thoughtful gifts from friends who know me well - who would think I would delight in a book that explains botanical Latin but one who knows her friend. Thank you, dear heart, C.

38. Beautiful craftsmanship in a simple crochet hook. Thank you A and D.

39. The anticipation of seeing family members open gifts.

40. A cold bright morning.

41. Bread baking.

42. Family coming.

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