Saturday, December 29, 2007

28 years ago...

Happy Anniversary, sweetheart. Don't we look young!! ("We were!" Coty said. "Yep!")

Sometimes when people walk into my living/music room and see that picture, they do a double take thinking it's Erin! And Coty and Thomas look so much alike, too. It's funny.

How blessed we have been in our 28 years. Today we were surrounded by all five boys and Coty's parents. We'll have our own celebration later when we have a bit more time and can get an overnight away. For today, it was sweet to share the day with loved ones gathered.

And one little gift I'll show you. Coty and I used to read a lot more together at night in bed before we went to sleep. We've gotten out of the habit but starting tonight we're reinstituting it. The problem is I'm usually so sleepy in the evening that I find it hard to focus on the reading! I thought if I had a knitting project to work on, I'd be a more attentive listener. So, I made this itty-bitty journal to record the books he reads to me and the projects I work on while we read. It's amazing how many books you can read and how much knitting you can do in just 20 minutes or so before turning out the light every night. Coty has fond memories of hearing the quiet sound from the bedroom down the hall of his father reading aloud to his mother every night - not the television, not loud voices, just quiet, constant reading together. I think that's a precious memory. And I'm looking forward to putting that together time back into the rhythm of our days.


amanda said...

Happy #28, Coty & Beth!

So what will be the first book you log in???

Amber Benton said...

Happy Anniversary you two! And yes, I have always thought that Thomas was the one who looked like Coty - but to me that looks just like ANDREW with a beard!

Sharon said...

Happy Anniversary! Erin does look like you and I agree with Amber - when I looked at that picture - I immediately saw Andrew - something about the beard and his smile! You guys still look as happy today as you did in that picture! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Beth and Coty! I remember the first time I saw the picture in your living room and how I thought it was Erin at first! I think Coty looks just like Thomas with a beard in that picture too!

Happy New year too!
~Jen Unsell