Friday, November 09, 2007


Four of my boys are together tonight - playing ping-pong and pool in the dorm lounge, talking, laughing, enjoying their brotherly competition and teasing. I think Thomas is so proud to be able to introduce his brothers to his hallmates and friends. I'm happy to hear their banter. I just wish Jonathan could be here, too, but it won't be long til we'll have everybody together at Thanksgiving!

It's been a full day of college activities - chapel, where Michael Cassidy was the speaker, meals in the Great Hall, class, admissions tour, and more! Tomorrow we will "do" Chattanooga.

Well, they are off to hang out with some friends and I am heading to the quiet of the mountainside guest cottage for now.

Adding to the gift list...

15. Brothers that love each other and bring a smile to this mother's face.

16. The beauty of fall on the mountain here - gold, orange, rust and deep red.

17. Traveling mercies.


Coty said...

I've thought about this more and more since Thomas left home: The parental joy of watching your children interact with each other. This joy sort of sneaks up on you - after the initial thrill of seeing the oldest child's delight at baby brother/sister, the importance of relationships among the children to family life grows slowly and almost imperceptibly. But eventually in a large family like ours, those relationships in large measure define the family. You and I were shocked into seeing this through Matthew and Andrew's tears after dropping Erin off at Gordon, but with Thomas' departure, it's come into much sharper focus.
I wish I could be there with you all, watching the boys together, then looking into your eyes and communicating without words.
All my love, Coty

Beth said...

I wish you were here, too, beating Thomas in ping-pong, though he says you wouldn't. The boys have discovered that their mom isn't too bad at pool! I've beaten Matthew twice. You would have so much fun with everybody, our guys and all Thomas's friends. It is very heartening to see the way T's friends enjoy his brothers and vice versa.

Won't Thanksgiving be fun when everyone is together!