Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving morning

25. Safe arrivals for all on Tuesday: We drove in from NC; Thomas from Tennessee; Erin, Luke, and Jonathan from NY/MA.

26. Wall to wall air mattresses in the living room and spilling over into the dining room filled with sleeping sons and nephews.

27. Yesterday morning's walk/run in the park past brilliant red sugar maples, russet oaks, flaming poplars and more.

28. Waking, laughing, teasing boys getting ready to head out to play the traditional Thanksgiving morning turkey bowl football game.

29. Glorious sunshine and warmth.

30. Time, sweet time, to sit around the table and talk.

Happy Thanksgiving, all. I'll be quiet for the rest of the time away. See you next week.


Amber Benton said...

Enjoy your time away and all together. Quiet evening here with stuffed bellies and sleeping boys. Can't wait to walk when you get back.

Melanie said...

Where did you go?