Sunday, November 11, 2007

Road Weary

Home again, home again...and I'm a bit road weary. BUT the drive was beautiful. We went the mountain route this time, through Knoxville and the Smokies and Asheville. I like that way better because whenever I see the hazy blue silhouette of mountains in the distance I feel excited, happy, and peaceful all at the same time. Plus driving on curving, uphill/downhill roads is way more fun than driving the wide interstate, traffic-filled, Atlanta route. While ALL the kids, weary from late nights in the dorm, slept, I listened to my music and gazed at the fall colors along the way.

I expect "Tommy" slept all afternoon, too. We are not used to hearing people calling him that, but that's his name at Covenant. Very funny to all of us! It was great to see him and wonderful that we'll see him again so soon!

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Melanie said...

You should stop by the next time you're up that way. We're exactly an hour from the I-40/I-26 interchange and then it's an hour to Asheville from our house. It will add a small bit of time to your trip, but you should try it one of these days! We'd love to see you.