Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More gifts...

18. A visit with my sister, Anne, and her kids, walking and talking with her, and the joy of watching the cousins have fun together at the playground.

19. Early morning walks with Amber and her smiling, early bird children who run out to greet us in their pj's and barefeet.

20. An afternoon in the garden planting tulips, anemones, alliums, snapdragons, ornamental kale and mustard, and pansies for winter and early spring beauty.

21. The prospect of more garden work tomorrow to tuck perennials into beds for their winter sleep.

22. Said perennials for $1 in abundance on clearance trays at the hardware store and the anticipation of a garden full of flowers next summer.

23. Hard conversations that clear the air and make way for a hug at the end.

24. Andrew offering to make dinner so garden weary mom can refresh.

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Amber Benton said...


I don't know why my comments seem to be disappearing into blogland! I tried to comment on the mathematical relationships which I thought was Delightful - and now to find myself here :)

I must say little boys in PJ's is one of my top 10 things that I'm thankful for :)