Friday, September 21, 2007

Simple Suppers

Back in the summer, in an attempt to simplify my meal planning and introduce some new items to our regular fare, I decided to choose a new cookbook and cook my way through it over the course of a few months. I knew come fall and soccer season, I'd need some simple meals that I could pull together when we got home from soccer practice and games. I needed menu ideas and recipes I could whip up while hungry boys changed out of smelly soccer uniforms and showered! Since we eat mostly unprocessed, vegetarian meals, I needed a special cookbook. I perused several in the bookstore and chose this one, Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers: Fresh Ideas for the Weeknight Table. I've never gone wrong with Moosewood - and this one is another winner! Simple Suppers includes recipes that use a minimal number of ingredients, are quick to make or can be prepared ahead and served with very little fuss. There are some ethnic recipes and a helpful guide to a well stocked pantry. So far we have enjoyed spinach cheese burritos, Indonesian sweet potato and cabbage soup, Walnut pesto (really good!), and curried tofu with tomatoes. Every recipe has lived up to its promise and has been both simple to prepare and delicious. Next week, I'm looking forward to lemon herb tofu, black beans and pickled red onions over yellow rice, and, and Indian potato salad with cilantro omelets. Whenever I cook, I usually double or triple the recipe so we can enjoy it for lunch and/or dinner the next day.

This is the first time I've ever taken one cookbook and cooked my way through it. I'm loving how easy it makes my meal planning. I hope that by the time I get through the book, I'll have a lovely spreadsheet complete with menus and shopping lists to add to my kitchen notebook. I've also asked the boys to choose some recipes they'd like to learn. The plan is for them to each have several meals they can prepare on their own from start to finish. Now that will really simplify things for me, won't it!


Scotty and Lisa said...

That sounds like a great book Beth! I think I'll have to add it to my Christmas package wish list... are most of the meals vegetarian?

Beth said...

Many of the meals are vegetarian, but there are also some fish recipes - no chicken or beef. The cilantro omelets were really good!

Jordy said...

Hello, dear Aunt...guess who?

I found your blog here through a link on Andrew's facebook and have enjoyed perusing it for the past hour. In fact, it is now in my Favorites, so I can keep track of my cousins through the marvels of the internet. Even though I am 2000 miles away.

How is college, you might ask? It is wonderful. There is no place I've been like Colorado State University - I love it here. I've made some great friends, my classes (English major) are going well, and though I miss everyone back on the east coast, I feel more at home here than anywhere else.

Hope life treats you well. I'll check back in soon.


Amber Benton said...


I enjoyed looking through this cookbook at your table - it is a beautiful book. I have a feeling I couldn't cook my way through this one as you are - my crews ethnic pallete has some growing to do, but I did take your idea of cooking through a cookbook to heart! It's a bit harder when you have to check it out of the library, but I've renewed mine twice and just this week returned it and then checked it out again two days later. I'm now looking for another good cookbook to cook through after having selected several favorites from the one I have now. Check my blog in a bit - I'm posting that delicious Tuscan Bean Soup I was telling you about!

tonia said...

That sounds wonderful! Im going to see if they have it at our library. I fell way off the all-vegetarian wagon. sigh. But we still eat that way for 3/4 of our meals.

Thanks for the tip!