Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Well, I said....

no more blogging for this beach week, but today we went here!

and my Andrew Pinckney got to see the lovely Charleston inn that bears his name. We went inside and spoke with the proprietor, who, upon learning that he was speaking with a real Andrew Pinckney, told us the history of the property and some more details about the inn. He didn't, however, offer us free rooms for the night!

We also visited the home that Grammie, Coty's mom, grew up in. From the time she was 8 til she went away to college, Grammie lived at 64 Rutledge.

What a beautiful, old Charleston home it is!

It was a fun, and very hot, day of connecting with pieces of family history. Tomorrow, we're back to the beach!


Kelly said...


I love the inn :-) Did anyone ask for Andrew's autograph while you were there?

Nicole said...

I LOVE Grammie's childhood house!!