Monday, August 27, 2007

Lovely sounds....

Well, last night we did get a bit of rain, 2/10ths of an inch. We still need LOTS more to ease the effects of this summer's drought. Still, I relished the lovely sound of rain gently falling on the oak branches above the porch roof, splashing off those dry hostas, and soaking into the parched ground. My plants seems a little happier today.

Most of this afternoon, I've been thinking about other lovely sounds. I've been elbow deep in books, catalogs and calendars, studying book chapters and perusing websites to cobble together our music appreciation course for this school year. I am departing from Ambleside's composer selections this year and putting together my own course using Patrick Kavanaugh's excellent book, A Taste for the Classics. We'll study orchestra, chamber music, choral music, and even opera and take in a variety of performances in the area. We are fortunate to have access to a wealth of free and inexpensive music like First Tuesday concerts at St. Peter's, Opera Carolina's student night, Charlotte Symphony rush tickets at classics concerts, and a variety of musical offerings at Davidson, Queens, and UNCC.

And the other very exciting musical note (pun intended) is that WE ARE BUYING A CELLO!!!!!!!!!! Andrew's very dear cello teacher found an instrument for him at Claire Given's Violins in Minneapolis last week and we'll be discussing options for getting the cello when we talk with them on the phone tomorrow. While in Minneapolis last week, Janis played lots and lots of cellos and this reasonably priced one has the kind of sound Andrew likes. He describes it as a clear October morning cello sound. That would be in contrast to a cello that sounds like a vat of dark chocolate. Can you hear the difference? It is a thrill to Andrew to think that this October, he may at long last be playing on his very own clear October morning cello!


Josh and Dana said...

Well, this is especially exciting to hear!!! I love your descriptions of the different timbres, though, I think I would want to play in the vat of dark chocolate! One of the many reasons I love to hear a cello...dark and warm and rich. Please keep us posted on any upcoming performances. Also, I noticed that the Charlotte Art's festival preview is coming soon. All the events should be listed in the entertainment section of the Observer soon.

Hope I see you soon at Covenant!

Nicole said...

YAY! Very exciting! I know this is a long time coming!!