Friday, July 27, 2007

The week at a glance - Part 4

To finish off the week, we drove the Curtis family to Greenville on Thursday and then stayed overnight in SC with Granddaddy and Mamaliz. They treated us to Indian food at Saffron on Friday night and lunch at Panera on Saturday. We introduced them to disc golf!

On Friday afternoon, Joel tested out the course at Simpsonville Park while Mamaliz and I walked along and kept score. Then on Saturday morning, we took Granddaddy, too, and tried the course at Gower Park in Greenville.

Today, Coty's mom arrives for a week long visit while Bapa and the cousins continue their travels in England.

Well, that's our week....

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Anonymous said...

Be careful hanging around with Coty's mom! She can be pretty crazy! (Especially on the dance floor)