Sunday, July 01, 2007

On their way, again....

Our England travelers are on their way, again. Bapa was able to get an emergency passport issued on Thursday and rescheduled their flights for today. So, we pray that this time their travel will be without incident. Since we have been on vacation, we have not been listening to the news. Sooo, we were unaware of the events in London and Glasgow on Friday. Because of these attacks, security is, of course, heightened at all airports. Our travelers made their way to the airport very early today, knowing that security lines would be long and slow.

Such events give us pause, but we do not live our lives in avoidance of possible bad events. We trust the sovereign God of the universe, pray, and move forward, or in this case, allow our son to travel.

And speaking of this precious son, Matthew's strep culture came back positive. He is on antibiotics and is feeling much better as they begin their trip. If he'd been in England earlier in the week, he would have started the hike sick. He will, God willing, start at this later date, healthy! Thanks to those of you who have expressed concern and prayed for him. God is good.

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