Sunday, June 24, 2007


Do you know how hard it is to say good-bye to a 14 year old at the airport security line, walk out of the airport to the car, and resist the urge to run back in and hug him just one more time!!!! I found out this afternoon. When we walked out of the airport terminal into the heat of this June day after saying good-bye to Matthew, I squeezed Coty's hand tight and told him I was going to cry. And I did...a little bit. Whew! What a day! Three boys are now on their way.

Thomas and Andrew made good time to Orlando and are now resting at the Wycliffe apartment before meeting the rest of their team this evening. I think this drive to Florida feels like a rite of passage for them. They only made one wrong turn in an area of highway construction, but quickly realized they weren't on the right road and turned around. Tonight and tomorrow they have orientation and then fly to Atlanta/Paris/Ouagadougou on Tuesday.

Thanks for your continued prayers for our travelers....and their mom! In spite of feeling the pangs of missing my boys and the inevitable thoughts of "what if," I am terribly excited for them and thankful for God's work in and through them this year. It was a sweet privilege to stand next to Matthew in church this morning and hear his deep voice, singing loudly and with great feeling, these words:

Our hearts are longing for the glory of the Lord
To be made known in all the earth.
Lord, let your kingdom come! Lord, let your will be done!
Yours is the greatest name of all!

Go, tell it, guys!


Melanie said...

Beth, I admire how you and Coty have been teaching your boys to seek and find the Lord in ways that tug on their hearts, not just yours. I can't even imagine how it feels to let your children leave you even for an evening, let alone a few weeks in another country! I will be praying for you that the Lord will fill your heart and home with his presence and may you find fulfullment in him!

Beth said...

Thanks, Melanie. God is so good. As the boys get older, I am more and more aware that they are HIS, to use for HIS purposes and that part of my job as a mom is to equip them and let go of control. It's not easy! I appreciate your prayers.