Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tubing on the Battenkill

Today we rented inner tubes and floated down the Battenkill River. We started across the state line in Vermont and floated our way down to Eagleville covered bridge, not too far from Cambridge, NY. It took a lot longer than we anticipated and we all got a little, or a lot, sunburned, but we had fun on the river and saw some beautiful spots. Floating down a river on a hot day is just about the most relaxing thing going. We were just wishing we had not started quite so far up the river!

I loved seeing all the birds along the river; swifts, red-winged blackbirds, and even several cedar waxwings...beautiful! And I tested my botany skills, trying to identify as many trees as I could. There were sunny wide spaces in the river with willows and cottonwoods along the low banks and then narrower, shadier river sections bordered by steeper banks, covered with hemlocks and ferns. We also saw some of these...

wild yellow irises blooming along the river bank.

We stopped at a rocky spot along the river bank covered with flat stones and took a lemonade and stone skipping break. Remember how I said recently that my guys can turn any children's game into a competition. They can do it with rock skipping, too! "Who will be the first one to skip it all the way across the river?" "Who can throw it and hit that white rock first?"

When we finished our river ride, we were pretty famished. We'd been on the river for four and a half hours and we were really ready for our picnic lunch! We sat by the covered bridge and ate. Joel and Kennan also had fun jumping off the bridge abutments into the river.

Thanks, Erin and Luke, for a fun day!

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Anonymous said...

Where did you rent tubes at and how much did it cost you?