Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Competition on the road

Our friend, Rob, recently noticed how our family of boys at home seems to be able to take the simplest children's games and turn them into intense competition. He was commenting after a particularly rigorous game of sharks and minnows, in which he got way more exercise than he anticipated.

We also have this ability on the road, as well. On Monday, the ABC game was taken to another level by Matthew, Kennan (our nephew), and Coty as we headed toward New England. We had two state matches (meaning it took two states worth of driving to get to Z), two and three player matches, and I bet if you asked them this morning, they could each still tell you how many games they won! Intense competition, indeed, but friendly and very funny to me sitting quietly in the backseat reading. Front seat, passenger side is an advantage in the game and I was happy to give up my usual seat for the sake of the game. To keep it fair, Joel and Kennan kept switching every hour. I sat in the back seat reading and chuckling, to shouts of "A - ahead, B - Bojangles, C - construction,....X - exit, z - pizza!!!!!" In our family, you have to say the letter and the word in which you found it. License plates and words on vehicles don't count. It has to be on a road sign. And you can't use the same word as anybody else. Anyway, here are the shouted comments that made me laugh the most:

"Oh my gosh, you just missed it," said Kennan to Joel, after Joel had just gotten "P" but missed the next sign, "Antique store with quality quilts!!!! I can't believe you missed it!" (That was the mother lode of Q signs, I think)

"What letter am I on???" said more than once by the oldest player of the game, whose name will go unmentioned, but who also lamented, "I'm at a disadvantage in this game because I'm driving. I have to look at the road sometimes."

Thankfully, said player, kept his eyes on the road enough to get us to our destination. More on that in the next post.

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