Saturday, June 23, 2007

The bags are packed...

I have to say, these young men have done an amazing job of getting themselves ready to travel! Their bags are all packed and the only thing left to do is put the trip food in the cooler and grab their toothbrushes. Thomas and Andrew leave at 6:00 AM to drive to Wycliffe headquarters in Orlando and then on to Burkina on Tuesday.

Matthew leaves in the afternoon to fly to DC. He, also, has packed both for 4 weeks of backpacking and two weeks of touring. He flies to England on Tuesday as well.

This morning I was thinking back to the days when the boys were younger and we packed for trips. They used to bring me a pair of shorts, t-shirt, socks and underwear and I'd roll it all together and secure it with a rubber band. Even with their little helping hands, packing was A LOT of work for me. Not any more. This time I have simply been the adviser and list maker.

As they head out, I thank you, Father, for these young men you've entrusted to us. Guide their travels tomorrow and in the days ahead. Make them lights for you as they step out. They've been on loan to Coty and me for awhile and we gladly, through a few tears, remind ourselves that they are yours. Mold them, refine them, use them for your glory.

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