Wednesday, June 27, 2007


We arrived at Erin and Luke's little house on the hill around 10. (For those of you who I told we were pulling out at 7 AM, let's just say, it was a little later than that). Anyway, the line of pine trees that marks their property was our landmark and we had no problem finding the house. As we pulled into the driveway and extricated our stiff from long-sitting bodies from the car, we were met with a most amazing sight. Across the road from the house is a field. Hovering above the field were what appeared to be MILLIONS of fireflies, blinking their lanterns on and off, on and off, in what was almost a Christmas-light like display. Magical! Welcome to the country. The moon was up and shining its three quarters full light over the Taconic Ridge to the west and Venus shone brightly in the northwest sky, as well. Take a deep breath...feel the peace. Hugs all around.


Kelly said...

ahhh...sounds lovely. Enjoy your grandhorses.

Beth said...

It was lovely...and we are! Thanks!