Friday, May 25, 2007

"Can World's Strongest Dad"

If you are needing courage to press on in anything, I encourage you to watch this amazing video. I thought lots of our dear friend, Aiden, who has now gone to be with the Lord, and of his incredibly courageous parents, Mo and Sam. They are an inspiration to me in their devotion to their precious son, who had very severe developmental disabilities. They showed many of us the meaning of sacrificial giving, day in and day out, as they cared for Aiden. And the children who participated in Mo's summer backyard clubs experienced so much more than crafts and stories. Compassion and love blossomed in those fun-filled days with Mrs. "Sprite", Aiden, and the others. We will never forget Aiden...and Mo, we can't wait to see you this summer!

[HT: Tonia at study in brown]


Amber Benton said...

Beth, THAT is the MOST amazing thing I have ever seen! What an amaazing spirit. I was in tears and don't even know his story, and what an amazing father. I just love the bike - with Aiden out front and his Dad pedaling from behind... from what little we have seen in the video it seems to be a good synopsis for their lives. And just to think of Christ's work in our lives - and we are Aiden being towed and pushed and carried around, enjoying ALL things only because of His sacrifice and work. THANK YOU for posting this. It made our evening!

Kelly said...

I love this family...he's been doing this for years and years!!

I heard an interview with the Dad once where he said that having his son be disabled saved his life. He is convinced that he would have died of a heart attack early in life but for his son's disability.

Beth said...

This is not our friend, Aiden. Aiden was 14 and died last February. He was in a wheelchair all his life, suffered from severe seizures, couldn't see, had to be fed through a feeding tube, and had many, many other severe developmental disabilities. The father/son team in the video are Rick and Dick Hoyt. If you want to learn more, go to youtube and search on Can World's Strongest Dad. There are some other videos there that tell their story.

Beth said...

Coty told me he'd read about them a few years ago in Track and Field news. I'd never heard of them...amazing story. Are they from Boston?? Sounded like a Boston accent on one of the other videos about them that I watched.