Monday, March 26, 2007

Visiting Granddaddy and Mamliz

We've had a very nice day visiting Granddaddy and Mamaliz (my parents). We drove down last night and listened to the Carolina/Georgetown game on the way. Sad, very sad. My predictions were already shot. I don't know if I have anyone left in the final brackets! But I digress...When we arrived here we were treated to a wonderful salmon dinner and enjoyed the evening.

This morning, Andrew, Coty and I went to Furman University for an admissions visit. The campus was lovely and we had a good time. Andrew likes Furman and I expect will apply there in addition to a few other places. Still lots of time to decide!

We spent the afternoon working in the yard, mostly pruning and raking. Working in the yard is relaxing for me. Mama kept saying, "You don't need to do that," but I was so happy to be able to be outside and do something productive. I love how you can see the results of your work when prune and rake. My mom humored me and even let me prune the aucubas. I've been wanting to do that for awhile. I saved some cuttings to bring home and root. We also did some weed pulling and general clean up and had a lovely time.

Coty's had fun playing basketball with the boys (when we weren't doing yard work) and doing Sodoku puzzles. So, it's been a relaxing day for him, too.

In a few minutes, we're headed out to a Japanese steak house - you know one of those places where they juggle the knives and cook in front of you. The boys have never been to one so this will be a treat for them. We'll head home after that and be back before too late.

Tomorrow is Thomas's appointment with the knee surgeon. Thanks for your continued prayers for wisdom for us and for the surgeon. We'll keep you posted.


Kelly said...

Sounds like a pleasant, relaxing time.

And after reading this post, I am left with Rhett and Link's Sudoku song in my head...

But now I know the truth about Sudoku/you're a secret base on the moon/where bad kids go to dig with spoons/for moon rocks, moon rocks...

Missy said...

Hi Beth! It is Missy from Everyday Graces-- I wanted to come over and visit your blog after you left the lovely comment on my Read Aloud Handbook post. I was interested to read that you have just visited Furman with your son. I live in Greenville, my husband and I are Furman Alumni, and my husband works at the university in development. A delightful small world experience! I am glad your son liked his visit.

I will enjoy reading your blog further-- just had to stop and say hello!