Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ski day

We made our trip to Appalachian to ski on Monday. What a glorious day for gliding down the slopes. The boys encouraged me to ski - I was undecided til we got there. I am so glad I listened to them. The temperature made it up to the high 50's so riding up on the chair lift in the sunshine was deliciously warm. All I needed for warmth was my lightweight fleece. The boys skied in their shirtsleeves and after lunch, Joel even took off his wind pants and skied in shorts. He wins the unconventional ski outfit award.

It always amazes me how my body remembers what to do when I get skis on. I come off the lift and don't really have to think too hard about how to shift my weight to turn or how to slow down to avoid hitting a wayward snowboarder! I do notice that turning hard puts more stress on my knees than it used to, so I stick to the easier slopes and avoid the black diamonds. I also enjoy making my way down the mountain with wide turns and sweeps across the slope. No barreling straight down for me. I'll leave that to Matthew, who I think wins the speed prize this year.

Andrew wins the sunburn prize. He forgot the sunscreen and has a great raccoon sunburn and a very red neck.

Thomas wins the daredevil award...though I expect he is now wishing the prize was not so painful. He fell late in the day while taking a trail less traveled. His leg landed across a small downed tree and he twisted his knee pretty badly. He is now spending his time with his leg elevated and an ice bag strapped onto his knee with an ace bandage. He sees the sports injury doc on Friday. We're praying it's not too bad.

Coty's ski day was spent outside on the lodge deck, watching us ski, reading, and napping in the sun. He doesn't trust his knees anymore to try downhill. He'd rather save them for walking and pool running (which by the way will start soon. Pool opening date is scheduled for next Monday. I think Coty probably wins polar bear pool runner award - he's not competing for any ski awards).

We're so glad our friends, the Leaders, were able to join us for the day. Sharon and the girls stayed til after our picnic lunch on the lodge deck, and Ty spent the rest of the afternoon with us, getting better and better with each run down the hill. All the guys were wiped out at the end of the day and when we looked back at the backseat on the drive down 321 we saw Ty, Matthew, and Joel sacked out. They woke up just fine when we stopped for pizza, though! All day skiers are never too tired to eat.

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to get away and spend a day together like we did on Monday. I'm thankful that Joel kept asking and asking this winter when we were going to go skiing and never gave up on the prospect. I'm thankful for sons who encourage their mom to "go for it". I'm thankful that Coty is careful to take care of his knees, forgoing downhill skiing which he'd probably really enjoy, for the greater good of being able to continue exercising over the long haul, and that he still enjoys the time just as much as the rest of us, cheering us on from the lodge deck, taking pictures, and enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, and change of pace. What a great yearly tradition this has become for all of us!

The Orchard Run trail - one of our favorites


Kelly said...

Ooooh, I can't wait to do stuff like this with my boys!!

Tom said...

Years lived in Maine: 18

Times Gone Skiing: 0

Being made fun of by Jonathan Kelly:


Beth said...

Tom, we lived in Massachusetts for almost 14 years, just 15 minutes down the road from two downhill ski areas and we never went downhill skiing either. We did cross-country ski, though. I wish we'd get enough snow here sometime to pull our old cross country skis out of the attic and ski in the cow pasture out back!