Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday morning

This has been quite a week. I am thankful for all the sweet folks who have asked me, with compassion, how I was doing. They knew that Linda was a very dear friend. I am thankful that they have allowed me to talk and cry with them, to smile and laugh. It's been that kind of week...a roller coaster of emotions. One minute I'm fine and the next minute, my body shakes and the tears spill out.

If I feel this way, having known Linda only four short years, I know that her family feels it so much more. I can hardly imagine. Please continue to pray with me for Court, Rick, Nathan, Heather, Clyde, Phyllis, Diane and the rest of this dear family.

This morning has dawned sunny and fresh. I heard an owl while I was lying in bed earlier. I've got a full day ahead of cleaning, cooking, and gardening. Our friend, David Livingstone, from Bethlehem Baptist, is on his way. David has been here every year about this time, to preach at DGCC and speak at Perspectives. It is a special joy to have him in our home for the days that he visits each year. Our breakfast reading and conversations are enlivened with his questions and comments. And he gets to taste life with boys for a while (he has only daughters). He is always amazed at the difference in noise level at our house!

I've got red beans cooking on the stove right now and their earthy fragrance is filling the house. Later I'll bake some bread and get whole wheat rolls made and in the freezer so I can pull them out in the morning to rise while we're at church. (That's a great trick I learned from Martha. If I freeze the rolls overnight and take them out before I leave for church on Sunday morning, they are ready to pop in the oven as soon as I get home and we have fresh, hot rolls for Sunday lunch). I'm also going to make a curry and cook some soup to serve early in the week.

Later in the day when it warms up, I'm going outside. I want to plant some lettuce and spinach in the newly cleaned terrace beds and if I have enough time, I may move my compost bin and spread the ready made stuff on the back garden beds. I still have pansies to deadhead and a couple of herbs that I dug from my dad's garden that have been sitting in pots, to plant in the ground. The Meyer lemon tree that has spent the winter in the kitchen may get moved to the deck today, but I'll have to watch the temps to make sure it doesn't get frosted.

Life moves on, even as I feel and reflect on the death of my friend. I think about all the times Linda showed me the courage to live life, to do the mundane jobs of laundry, budgeting, cleaning, as the Lord gave her strength, in the midst of her battle with cancer. Somehow, it is a comfort and a solace to have jobs to do today.


Kelly said...

What a great day for you to fall back into some routines. It will be nice to see David.

I just learned that trick with the rolls from the More-with-Less cookbook! I was so excited to see that.

Yesterday was really wonderful. She left a wonderful legacy. I hope I can say the same.

Beth said...

And thanks for your help with yesterday, Kelly. The meal was wonderful.

Amber Benton said...

Beth, thank you for introducing me to Linda and encouraging me to get to know her. I enjoyed every visit and every story she told and the questions she asked me about my boys and her funny stories about homeschooling Nathan. I was so thankful to be there on Thursday and see the wonderful slideshow. I feel I now have a more clear picture of Linda - and the evidence of her joy throughout was so obvious on her face and the face of Court and the boys. I long for that kind of joy to take deeper root in me and blossom on my face more frequently!