Friday, March 23, 2007

More words on Thomas...

Well we're back from the doctor and here's the good news:
There is no osteochondral lesion
There is no evidence of popliteal cyst
There is no evidence of chondromalacia patella
His articular cartialge appears intact and best of all
Thomas's Hoffa's fat appears normal (Rob, aren't you glad!)

Now for the bad news:
There is a very small peripheral tear not extending to articular surface in the posterior horn medial meniscus. There is also marrow edema in the posterior medial tibial plateau without fracture. Bone contusion suspected.

What that means:

Thomas has to see a knee surgeon to determine whether the meniscal tear warrants surgery or can be treated more conservatively with a brace. We go next Tuesday. Meanwhile, he's wearing a brace to stabilize his knee and going to the Daughtry concert in Greensboro tonight with friends. (Don't worry, he's not driving - a friend's mom is). Stay tuned for more on the knee next week!

PS...I'm very glad for a wonderful doctor who patiently and carefully explains all the medical lingo. I'm learning a lot about knees!


the Olsons said...

We'll be praying for Thomas and his visit to the surgeon!

As a sidenote, we're back online now! It was all hooked up today, so we'll be keeping up with our online in-touch much better. :)

Love you!

Nicole said...

Very thankful Thomas's knee isn't any worse than it is, Very jealous he is seeing Daughtry tonight! ;-)

Melanie said...

You sure sound intelligent with all the medical mumbo-jumbo! Thanks for explaining it! I'm sorry to hear that surgery still may be an option, but I'm glad to hear that it's not WORSE that what it is. Patrick tells me that knees are very complicated because of all the tendons, ligaments, muscles, etc that meet there.

Anyway, I hope he had fun at the concert! I'd like to see an American Idol contestant in concert one day, too, though I think I would prefer Carrie Underwood.

Beth said...

I'm really not that intelligent! I was quoting from the MRI report. I thought all those words sounded funny and we had a good laugh at all the medical lingo. Like Patrick says, knees sure are complicated. I'm sure glad our doctor explains it all in laymans terms!

Jayne said...

You are really showing forth the grace of God tremendously through this. We are going to pray that the conservative measures will work. "Surgery is no fun!" Ethan says, except for the extra attention.