Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hearing a hero

I'm excited about tonight. We're all going to the Perspectives class to hear Joanne Shetler speak. Several years ago we read her book, And the Word Came with Power. It is the riveting story of her life among the Balangao people of the northern Philippines, the translation of the scriptures into the Balangao language, and the transformation that resulted. What a privilege to get to hear her in person! Having just sent off their applications for a Wycliffe trip to Burkina Faso this summer, I know Thomas and Andrew will benefit from this opportunity to hear a hero.

You can read the transcript of her Urbana '84 address here.


Rob said...

Yeah you're in for a real treat tonight! Her testimony of the spiritual war and the faithfulness of God really had us all captivated last night @ the South end. She has so many stories!

Jessica said...

Wasn't she just great?! I enjoyed hearing her speak so much I barely remembered to take notes!!

Josh and Dana said...

I remember meeting her daughter on our trip a few summers ago. She was a pretty remarkable woman herself. I'm jealous you got to hear Joanne. I've been curious about her book ever since talking with her daughter (can't remember her name at the moment). I would love to hear what you thought.

Anonymous said...

Burkina Faso! That's so exciting! I was just praying about another Tibet trip for Andrew but I'm excited about Burkina Faso, too. What will they be doing?