Sunday, February 18, 2007

This Sunday....

In church:
We heard Psalm 67 read in Tagalog, Spanish, and English by native speakers of those three languages. At the end of the reading, the congregation burst into spontaneous applause, moved by the words of this psalm and the beauty and joy of hearing it in three different languages.

I had the pleasure of teaching the 2 and 3 year olds and hearing them recite their memory verse for the month.

We tried a new nursery set-up which gave us lots more room. Workers and kids all loved it.

We sang some wonderful songs: Rejoice the Lord is King, We Will Dance, and others. Thanks musicians and singers.

After church:
We were joined for lunch by one of the first families to become a part of our church, two women who have been with us for awhile but who we've never had the pleasure of having in our home, a new couple who are in the process of moving here, and two dear teenage friends. Our lunch time conversation was sprinkled with personal stories. Sylvia's telling of her son's injury in Iraq, the miraculous way she received news of his condition, and his subsequent healing moved all of us. We did our usual round-robin with kids and adults, from youngest to oldest, talking about the sermon. I always love this part of Sunday lunch because after we've enjoyed a time of casual conversation, we get to the "meat" of the morning and talk about how we were impacted by the message. People who have never had Sunday lunch with us before are always blessed by the contributions of the children and teens. This is age integrated conversation that benefits all of us.

We ate chocolate pound cake with warm raspberry sauce. It was REALLY delicious! Even Coty, who usually avoids pound cake and isn't a real chocolate lover, loved it.

The kids headed to the soccer field.

This evening:
We had the youth meeting at our house since one of the sons of the usual host family is down with the flu. After their teaching/discussion time we all ate ice cream and talked and laughed a lot. What a great group of teens.

Joel cleaned up the kitchen. It was a big clean-up day. Thanks, buddy!

We are all tired, but we are filled, physically and spiritually. It was a sweet Sunday from our morning worship to our evening laughter. Tomorrow I'm giving the guys President's Day off from school work and I'm taking a teacher work day. But now it's time for rest....


Melanie said...

Sounds busy! I'm always encouraged by your hospitality and the way your family reaches out to others. I'm looking forward to visiting with you on Wed.

Nicole said...

I was moved to tears to hear the scriptures read in 3 different languages...I hope to hear more in the furture!!

Beth said...

It was beautifully moving, wasn't it, Nicole. I think everyone feels the way you do!