Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The next video....drum roll, please.....

Finally, for all of you who have been waiting for Matthew's next video, here it is. He and Daryl worked on this while Daryl and Amber were visiting back in early January. This is only the trailer. Stay tuned, but don't hold your breath, for the full length feature film! At the end of the trailer, Red, our superhero whispers, "Evil has met its match!"

Hopefully, the next video, a spoof on a sleeping pill commercial, will be on the blog soon. flash....the first music video may be in the works this weekend. I'm looking forward to watching the director with the cool cap and his cast of hard working actors in action on Saturday. I may, however, be wearing ear plugs!


Kelly said...


I love it. I just have a few questions/comments:
1. Is he wearing slipper socks?

2. Is it possible to see the head blow to Jonathan in slow motion?

3. I would like to talk to that girl that drives by on the bike and see what she thinks was happening.

4. Matthew's pronunciation of "e-vil" reminds me of a Mike Myers bit where he says, "would you say it was evil or E-vil, like it was the fru-its of the de-vil?".

Yes, more, more!!! We want more!

Karen Hall said...

We enjoyed it immensely! Looking forward to future work. by the way, I visited your blog for the first time a few days ago and read everything on the front page. Really enjoyed it. Makes me miss you and hope I can be something like you some day.

Kelly said...

A couple more comments...

- I came across Cameron this morning, wearing a belt over his shrit and pounding on the wall with his fist

- Everytime we watch this, Andrew covers his ears. I think the music scares him. :-D

Beth said...

Here, Kelly, are a few answers:
1. He's wearing the liners of my old llbean mucky muck winter rubber boots!

2. You might be able to see the head blow to Jonathan on slow motion over here on the iMac.

3. She must have thought, "Oh, those crazy neighbor boys again!"

4. Who is Mike Myers?

I'm not sure what the wall fist pounding was supposed to be...Red's frustration with his seemingly inconsequential squishy pillow weapons, a psyching up maneuver before he faced the evil'll have to ask Red.

The music is borrowed from Lord of the Rings.

Hope I can get Xyphozomax plus up today. You will love it. Andrew has a star role!

Nicole said...

LOVE IT! :-)