Sunday, January 21, 2007

Home again

Well, our trip to Covenant was wonderful. Thomas enjoyed the whole interview process and had a great time with the students and other applicants that he met. I was very impressed by the president of the college, Dr. Neil Neilson, and his thoughtful, articulate, Christ-centered approach to higher education as well as his engagement with the students. Now we wait for two weeks to see how Thomas fared in the scholarship competition.

Chattanooga is a fun city and if Thomas ends up at Covenant, I’m sure we will enjoy visiting him there. I spent Friday afternoon walking around downtown and then exploring the Chattanooga Nature Center. Saturday morning, I drove around up on Lookout Mountain. It's a beautiful place.

We’re all tired here tonight from a full weekend and an evening watching the Colts beat the Patriots. Wooooohooooo! Go Colts. What a comeback. Finally Peyton goes to the Super Bowl. Everybody in this house was cheering him on to victory. Looking forward to Super Bowl 41.


Nicole said...

He seemed like he was on cloud 9 yesterday! I think he had a great time! :) When does he find out about the scholarship?

Beth said...

They told us at Covenant that it would be a week or two, so I'm trying not to even think about it so the time will go faster!

ed elliott said...

wish you and the fam could be with us at Grammie's Souper bowl...i suspect we'll have 50 or more this Sunday--- Go Colts!!!!!!!!!!!

ed elliott said...

I don't know your email address but after reading your refreshing post about listening to NPR (I do too now since I've defected from the religious right to the religious left) to get Africa's news, I want to give this good link to all news Africa: