Monday, December 04, 2006

Winter plants and flowers

Here are pictures of some of the aforementioned smiling pansy faces, ornamental kale, and the rosemary topiaries. These are all on the deck or in the terrace on the hill.

And here is a picture of a very confused Gerbera daisy. He burst into bloom today. Hasn't anyone told him it's December. Actually, I think he knows. That's why he chose his reddest blossom. I think actually, that what's going on here is a lovely little microclimate that makes his little nook in the terrace very warm. The sun beats down right on that spot. The little mailbox shields him from the wind but he does receive the benefit of the warm zephyrs from the dryer vent. And the warmth from the sun is absorbed right into the terrace "stones". So, yes, he is perhaps confused about the month, but it's no wonder with such a lovely spot to soak up what warmth there is. He is actually a refugee rescued from a plant killing friend. When I found him, he was gasping for water, withered and dry, pot bound in a sad plastic pot. But he has taken an intense liking to his terrace nook, as you can see. And he does make me happy. Blooms in December. I love it. Can you tell, I still have the residual idea that the world is supposed to be covered in snow and the ground frozen solid...leftover from years of living in New England. Ah, lovely southern winter!


Kelly said...

Beth, I forgot to write this yesterday...I wanted to compliment you on your use of the word "zephyrs". Excellent!

Jen Unsell said...

Beautiful! I especially love that topiary!