Friday, December 22, 2006

A blessing beyond measure

It's quiet here. Erin and Luke are out with Andrew and Matthew doing a couple of last minute errands. Jonathan is at the coffee shop, using free wireless (we're still in the dark ages of dial up here!), Thomas is heading out to take care of Wendy's dog and cats. Coty is upstairs working on Sunday's sermon, and Joel is...well, I don't know where he is, but he's quiet. I have a cup of tea beside me and a plate of praline cheesecake left over from last night's dessert at a friend's house. Freeze this moment. It will be noisy again in a few minutes when the shoppers return.

It is a "noisy", however, that I wouldn't trade for all the quiet, peaceful moments in the world. It is a blessing beyond measure to have everyone home. I am a very fortunate mother to have six children and one son-in-law who love to be together, who enjoy telling each other stories about what's going on, who laugh at each others jokes and can tease each other in that easy sibling way that says, "Underneath this teasing is a whole lot of love." I also love it that they tease me. I am frequently the target of good natured barbs and I have learned not to take myself too seriously when all my children are around.

When Erin and the others get home, we will bake cookies and cook dinner. After dinner, we will sit for a long time around the table - talking, joking, lauging. I will relish every precious minute.

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