Thursday, November 16, 2006

Welcome residents

Kelly, Melanie, and Amber have posted recently about critter visitors to their homes. We have some little fellows that are residents rather than visitors that we've enjoyed watching lately, too. Unlike their gecko relatives who scurried along the walls inside our house in Kenya, these green anoles usually stay happily outside, mostly around the sunny deck and back brick walkway. On a recent warm Saturday, the boys together with our friend, Jonny, who was visiting from MA, caught at least a dozen lizards. They kept them in this plastic bucket for a little bit and then let them go en masse. It was The Charge of the Lizard Brigade! Fortunately they met a happier end than the Light Brigade immortalized in Tennyson's poem (incidentally, our most recent poem committed to memory). I expect these guys have enjoyed the last few warm days of the fall and are now looking for winter quarters.

Then the other day when we were having brunch on the sunny deck and reading poetry, I happened to look over and see this fellow munching on an ant! That's why I like lizards. They eat other critters that I'd rather not have around like ants and mosquitos.

Now I just need to find a good lizard poem!


Anonymous said...

Beth, there's a club in Cambridge, MA called the Lizard Lounge and they have poetry nights sometimes ;-)

I wish I could have seen the "Charge of the Lizard Brigade"! It sounds pretty funny!

Beth said...

Kelly, It sounds like we'd fit right in at the Lizard Lounge!

I wanted Matthew to videotape the lizard charge but his videocamera was charging itself at the time!