Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday dinner menu...what kind of fusion??

If you have followed the Sunday dinner menus, you will have noticed the "fusion" theme. Well, today's dinner broke the trend. As I was cooking yesterday I realized that there was no ethnic blending going on! Oh dear. Should I run out to the store for some soy sauce or chipotle peppers?

Then a lovely thought crossed my mind. I was in the process of cooking an herbal and family fusion meal. I was using several different herbs from my garden and two old favorite recipes, one from my mom and one from my mother-in-law. So, I decided to ditch the trip to the store and savor the delightful smells wafting from the stovetop and oven. We enjoyed this meal family style with a full table in the dining area and a kids' table on the porch. Here's what we ate:

Pesto tilapia over Basmati rice, made with basil from the garden
Savory navy beans with rosemary and lemon thyme, also from the garden
Sweet potato casserole - my mom's recipe with brown sugar and nuts on top
Corn pudding - my mother-in-law's recipe
Marinated veggie salad with purple basil and dill
Anadama bread (great favorite made with whole wheat, corn meal and molasses)
Deep dish apple pie with ice cream - Kelly's delicious contribution
Sweet tea, lemonade and coffee

Actually, there is a little ethnic interest to this meal if you count the Italian pesto, Indian basmati rice, Southern sweet potatoes, New England really it was Italian/Indian/Southern/New England/Herbal/Family Fusion. But that's getting out of hand. Lets just call it a good meal that was enjoyed by all! The stories and laughter around the table made it great.

You know, I do love to cook. I do love talking about food, thinking about food, reading about food, hearing about food. A delightful moment occurred yesterday afternoon as I was in the midst of dinner preparations for today. Erin called with a food question! What's funny is that at the moment she called I was also listening to The Splendid Table! So, her question was, "What kind of vegetable dish can I fix in a hurry to take to a friend's house for dinner?" I delight in the fact that my daughter often calls me with food questions. I will never tire of phone calls with inquiries like what to put in her kidney beans to jazz them up or how to cook collard greens. I haven't talked to her yet but can't wait to find out how her cauliflower/carrot/pepper salad turned out!


the Olsons said...

For anyone who's wondering, my warm veggie salad turned out great and was soo easy. I only had 30min. to cook and managed to make a yummy warm veggie and biscuits in time to make it to dinner. Everyone enjoyed it, the hostess asked if she could keep some leftovers to have for lunch today, and we're now enjoying the cold leftovers too! I love having a mother who's such a great cook!

By the way, can I get the anadama recipe? I really need to cook some bread in our new house so it will start smelling homey instead of empty and musty.

Kelly said...

Beth, everything was delicious! We were stuffed!

You know the story of why it's called "Anadama" bread, right? The hungry husband cursing his wife's laziness! That name makes me chuckle everytime!

I heard that Splendid Table bit on the fried chicken in Charlotte, and what was so funny is that the lady -- who is usually so refined in the way she critiques food -- said, "Lynn, when I got in the car after this meal, I looked in the rear-view mirror, and I had fried chicken in my hair, on my chest, on my shoulders...." They were all excited about the greasy goodness.

Wait a in the I talking about myself, yesterday at your table?

Kelly said...

By the way, great job on the link! You did it!

Beth said...

Yeah, how about that. I learned something new! I'm so excited. Thanks to Amber who wrote me later with very specific instructions. I'd never have figured it out otherwise.

Glad you enjoyed it, food in the hair and all. We did, too. I'll have to go to the link and listen to the fried chicken piece. My boys do like fried chicken and they'd probably enjoy at trip to Price's sometime.

Anonymous said...


Great job on the link! I USED to love fried chicken until one summer day my PaPa decided that my brother and I would help him catch a couple of loose chickens and fix them for dinner. Even though I lived on a farm, we used our chickens mostly for their eggs. When we had chicken it came from the freezer and I never bothered to ask who killed it! Let's just say that it was a long time before I could eat any chicken that LOOKED like chicken!