Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Original Corn Pone recipe

My friend, Amber, who has been enjoying Laurel's Kitchen, posted the original Tennessee Corn Pone recipe on her blog. So, if you want more specific instructions on how to make this tasty dish as well as Amber's thoughts on this great old cookbook, check it out at http://thebrighthouse.blogspot.com/

And if you want to help me, a very computer un-saavy person, figure out how to post a link without the whole enchilada being in the text as above, comment....please! I am not computer smart enough to figure it out and don't want to spend any more time on Blogger help reading things that are unintelligible to me!


Amber Benton said...


Highlight the word you want to be 'linked' with your mouse, then click on the little world icon that looks like it has a chain in front of it. A window will pop up that will allow you to paste a url link in a textblock then save it. That's it!

Beth said...

Thanks, Amber! I'll try it later.