Tuesday, November 21, 2006

On top of the math hill....

We had a very funny conversation about math last night. It was prompted by Thomas and Andrew's visit to Davidson yesterday and questions about math in college. You may know that Coty was a math major and I never took a math course in college. Opposites attract, I suppose! Our children have varying degrees of aptitude and love for math. Most of them are good math students, but so far, no one has demonstrated a real passion for it. That may be my fault for conveying my own fear and mental block toward anything mathematical. I know I need to be rehabilitated, but honestly, I think it's too late! Anyway, the conversation went something like this:

"If Daddy is so good in math, how come none of us are math whizzes?" (I'm not sure that's true, I mean the part about none of them being whizzes)

"Is Jonathan taking any math at Gordon? Did Erin?" (I don't think so...)

"Calculating determinants makes my head hurt. I mean it's not hard, it's just takes so long. Why does it have to be like that?" (I agree, that's how I felt, though I don't remember anything about determinants)

I like my math. Geometry is neat...I mean, I learn something new and cool every day." (Well, yes, I did like geometry in high school)

Well, it's downhill from there - just wait til you get to Calculus." (I never did!)

"I guess I'm on the top of the math hill, then." (Let's hope it's a plateau for you and next year you'll still enjoy the view from the top!)

By the way, can you guess who's on top of that math hill?!


Anonymous said...


I'm going to guess, but first you must know that I am guessing purely on ages and not on perceived mathematical aptitude.

I guess...Matthew??

PS Geometry was the last year I enjoyed math, too. I took my one required course at Messiah and that was it! Unless you count "math for ElEd majors", which consisted largely of playing with math manipulatives. ;-)

Beth said...

Yep, it's Matthew! He does like math more anyway, and now that he's on top of the hill, he's really enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

Well, I didn't MAJOR in math like Coty (I didn't know that, Coty!), but I love math. I entered college in Engineering and placed into Calc IV as a Freshman. So, I used to think that I knew a bit about math, but lately I've discovered to get back to where I was I need to start back into about Year 2 in Algebra and work my way through it all again! (I've been following the latest discovery? of the 44th Merssene Prime - and I can hardly make heads or tails of the article -- LOL!!!)

I abhored Trig, and the only part of Geometry that I liked was proofs. Which is ironic because rather than some simple accounting I probably use geometry the most of any of the maths. (And now that we are gearing up for a year of studying the stars, Geometry is raising its head again!)

But Jonathan seems to like Math as much as I do, so we have lots of fun together. It will be interesting to see us in a few years with the other boys coming up.

Beth said...

I think you live the in the math Himalayas! I'm glad you and Jonathan are having so much fun with math. I fear my brain just doesn't have those circuits. I marvel at people like you!