Sunday, November 05, 2006

First loss of the season

Well, it happened. The Stallions were finally defeated in a very tough and heartbreaking game on Saturday in Morganton. It was the first loss of the season. Thomas was sad, but resilient in defeat, smiling and laughing with his friends over dinner in Morganton after the game. It's just been such a great season. It would have been nice to see them win his last PFL league game ever, but we are just thankful he was even able to play.

That's the good news. Thomas had been told by the doctor and physical therapist earlier in the week that he wouldn't be able to play. Excellent advice from our friend, Laura, and good care from the sports medicine doctor she recommended helped get him in the game. Amazingly, Thomas ran the first kick-off of the second half all the way back for a TD. I was cheering my heart out and not believing that my son, who could hardly walk without pain earlier in the week, was evading tackles, cutting to avoid pursuers, and running the ball all the way back. It was a real highlight of the entire season for me.

It's been fun being a football mom. I'll miss it. I still have the responsibility of organizing the team banquet, but that's not nearly as exciting as watching my Thomas on the gridiron!

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