Monday, October 30, 2006

What's for lunch?

Almost every Sunday afternoon we have people over for lunch. I do most of the cooking on Saturday and have a few favorites that are easy to prepare and feed a crowd. This week I did a couple of dishes I haven't done for awhile and as I was cooking on Saturday, I had a little chuckle thinking about the menu for Sunday. I figured that I should call it Southern, Texas, Oriental fusion! Here's what we had:

Tennessee Corn Pone (pinto beans with a crusty cornbread topping)
Collard Greens
Corn pudding
Oriental Slaw
Fredricksburg Texas spicy dip with carrots and broccoli for dipping (thanks, Nicole for the dip spices - someone said it was a dip that kicked back! It was really good)
Fruit salad and bread brought by the Stouts
Lemon pie
Sweet tea

I do love food. I love cooking. I love seeing people eating and enjoying my food. I love the tradition of Sunday dinner with a houseful of guests. Can't wait for this coming Sunday....maybe we'll do Indian, New England, West African fusion next!


the Olsons said...

Ooo, I want the recipe for the Tennessee Corn Pone. And I can't wait to be in our house so we can start having people over for Sunday dinner too!

Melanie said...

Sounds good! I like how you and the Kellers try to have people over to your house for lunch on Sundays. I was really bad about that when I was in Charlotte. This is a season of change for me, so I hoping to possibly start that tradition, too. I love having people over.

Kelly said...

Ditto to Erin's request!!

Jen Unsell said...

Yes Beth, please share your TN corn pone!