Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Birthday, Luke!

I have a great son-in-law. Only trouble is he lives too far away. He bought a chain saw for himself for his birthday this year and I wish he lived close enough that we could use our chain saws together! (Little known fact...that's what I got for my birthday last year!) Luke will probably be cutting firewood and wood for pole barns with his, while mine is mostly used for pruning and cutting down small trees.

Luke loves living in NY state where he and Erin are now. The mostly rural, small town atmosphere is much more to his liking than the Boston area. He's loving his work learning to be a farrier (that's a person who takes care of horses hooves, makes horseshoes, etc.) and also doing lots of carpentry work. They're in a wonderful church and feeling more and more settled all the time. I feel so thankful for the way God has led and blessed Luke and Erin.

They'll be closing on their new house soon and Luke's really looking forward to working on it. There is a lot of fixing up to do - painting, ripping up old linoleum and carpet to get to the wood floors beneath, and some other more involved changes. I can't wait to see how he and Erin transform their new home to really make it theirs! I'm so happy for them.

Happy Birthday, Luke. We can't wait to see you all at Christmas time!


Melanie said...

It's good to see pics of Erin and Luke. They look really good. I'm sure you are excited about seeing them over Christmas. Will all of your kids be together?

Beth said...

Yep, everybody will be here. Jonathan gets back from Egypt in mid-December and it looks like E and L will arrive on Christmas Eve. Can't wait!

Jen Unsell said...

Happy Birthday Luke!

The Thomas Fam said...

Happy Birthday Luke! We are so happy that all of you will be under the same roof in a few weeks!
Oh, I was with my sister (Natalie) right before we left the USA last week and you know what she said.....I cannot remember what we were talking about before this, but she said..."Kristin, you know who I think is so pretty at your church???.."no, who", Beth your pastor's wife". "Yes, I agree 100% with you! ~KT

Beth said...

That's sweet of Natalie and you, too. Thank you!