Tuesday, September 12, 2006

One more birthday!

We finished off birthday week with one more party last Friday night (sorry, no pictures yet). We were able, with the help of our friend Carrie and her family, to pull off a surprise party for Andrew with some of his friends. Andrew was unsuspicious and went right along with our ruse to get him to the party. We had a good time playing "I've got a spoon", the leader game, and Taboo. He finished off the evening at home watching Phantom of the Opera with his brothers and the Balbuena guys.

His real birthday was Saturday. We spent most of the day in Asheville at Thomas's first football game, which his team won 47-18! But that's a story for another day.

I'm so thankful for our precious gift number 4, born at home in Massachusetts at 12:45 AM, just missing Erin's birthday by 45 minutes. In missing her birthday, Andrew ended up with the coolest birth date going. He was born on 9-9-90. The day after he was born, when we went to see our pediatrician for the post home birth baby check-up, our doctor pointed out that on 9-9-99, Andrew would be 9! Yep, he was!

This past year, Andrew has played the cello in the UNCC Youth Orchestra, backpacked in Pennsylvania, trekked in East Asia, learned lots of French, learned to drive, started playing soccer with Covenant, dogsat, babysat, washed and waxed cars, and grown about a foot! At least, that what it seems like sometimes.

Happy Birthday, Andrewska. You're a fine young man that makes your mother proud!

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