Saturday, September 02, 2006

Matthew's Birthday

Yesterday was Matthew's 14th birthday. It was mostly a family celebration yesterday, with homemade cinnamon rolls, fruit, and orange mint slushies for breakfast. The boys all got the day off of school and we spent it relaxing at home til time for their afternoon soccer game. Andrew, Matthew, and Joel play for Covenant Classical School. The game yesterday was a hard fought one against Gaston Day with Covenant ahead at half time. They ended up losing, but Matthew was happy that he got to play most of the game. His soccer skills have really improved in the last year and he's going to get lots more playing time this year. We finished off the day, after showers for smelly soccer players, with homemade pizza and a movie.

The birthday celebration continues today as we head out with the boys and some of their buddies to Renaissance Park, one of the most challenging disc golf courses in Charlotte. Matthew's been wanting to play this course again, ever since had to run for cover from lightening after 8 holes the first time we went back in June! This evening, we will serve dinner with some of our DGCC family at the Charlotte Rescue Mission and then have friends over for a game night and ice cream sundaes.

Happy Birthday, Matthew!


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Matthew!

the Olsons said...

Happy Birthday Matthew! Wish I could be there for your birthday!