Friday, September 29, 2006

Goalie punt!

Joel is playing on both the middle school and the varsity soccer teams at Covenant. He gets LOTS of playing time in the MS games and only a little in the varsity games.

So far, the MS team has yet to win a game. Joel remains hopeful! He plays forward or goalie. He prefers forward and usually has two or three break away shots on goal each game. He's scored about 2/3 of his teams goals this season. When he goes in at forward he usually ramps up the pace of the game.

He is also an awesome goalie. Not much gets past him. He is a very fun player to watch and not afraid at all of forwards charging toward him or feet swinging around him as he scoops up a ball.

The varsity team has had a better season. They are 4-4-1. Joel gets to go in when they're way ahead or way behind and he is a favorite of the older guys. "Kick it to Joel, kick it to Joel." He's having a lot of fun.

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Kelly said...

Way to go, Joel!