Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Pesto making

One of my favorite smells of the summer is fresh cut basil from the garden. I'm thankful for everything that the smell of basil reminds me of - gardens of the past, and especially California days of long ago when I first learned how to grow plants in raised beds, grew my first basil, and was introduced to the Moosewood Cookbooks, source of my first pesto recipe. How many batches of pesto have I made in 27 years?!

Now, I'm passing that delight on to Matthew. He loves pesto and asked me if I'd teach him how to make it. We have had a bountiful harvest of monster basil this summer - the biggest basil leaves I've ever seen due, I think to mushroom compost. Matthew and I just harvested more and now he's going to get his pesto lesson! The aroma of basil, olive oil, and parmesan cheese will waft from our kitchen for the next few hours as my able assistant and I chop and blend. I should have plenty to freeze for those winter days when green basil plants are a memory. And I bet you can guess what's for dinner tonight! Posted by Picasa


Nicole said...

I haven't made any pesto with my basil, yet. Maybe next week. You should see my plant - WOW! Oh - and I know where we are going for dinner tonight ;-).

Kelly said...

Mmmmmm pesto!!!! My favorite. Nothing like that smell in the world!

Ben loves basil, too. He is always asking if we can eat some for lunch.

the Olsons said...

Ohh, I miss your pesto! I have been craving it madly for the past month. Luke and I went out for dinner a couple weeks ago and I ordered pesto pasta with veggies, hoping that it would be yummy. Of course, I was dissapointed. It was all oily with just a little basil stirred around! It made me miss you, and home, and all the good summer foods we used to eat.

Maybe you could send me some pesto...? ;)

Melanie said...

You know, I've only had pesto once a LONG time ago. Patrick told me he doesn't like pesto, so I don't make it. Anyway, I'll have to try it now, since you have such good things to say about it!!! But, I'm sure nothing comapares to the homemade recipe from your kitchen! :-)