Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Andrew's home!

Andrew arrived home safe and sound from his Asia trekking trip yesterday. He had an amazing journey. We got a few stories on the ride home from the airport, but then major jet lag set in. He fell asleep sitting at the dinner table and has slept all night. Hopefully, that will help get his body back to the right time zone!

We’re looking forward to the next few days with all five guys home before Jonathan leaves for Egypt next week. Wish Erin and Luke could be here, too!


Melanie said...

I'm glad to hear that Andrew made it home safely. I hope you have a chance to really enjoy all of your boys this week.

the Olsons said...

I wish we could be there too! Give Andrew a big hug for me and tell him I expect to hear all his stories, maybe over email. :)

Kelly said...

Welcome home Andrew (again)! I hope your brothers (and parents) let you sleep!